Europarking, parking since 1996, about us.

We are a family business founded by the late D. Fco. Gomez, who began his career in the year 1996 in the old quarter of San Isidro-Monte.

Thanks to our excellent location, right next to Malaga airport control tower, excellent service and friendship that were forged over the years with our customers, we were able to grow, gradually increasing the size of our facilities and providing a service according to the highest expectations of our customers, we were among the first in Malaga airport in this service.

Europarking, image of the main entrance

Europarking is much more than a parking.

The year 2008 was key in the future of our company, in mid-2008 we suffered the expropriation of our old facilities due to Malaga Airport  expansion.

old premises

After weighing the pros and cons of business continuity we decided to continue our activity, but we had to find a feasible location that would allow us to maintain our service to our customers and to allow us to grow our business, on the other hand, the incipient arrival of the AVE to Malaga just a year before our move gave us the opportunity to offer a similar service to our customers in the train station Maria Zambrano.

For all these reasons we chose our current location on Avenida Villa Rosa 60. Thanks to this situation, along with the output-input Airport Highway MA-20 side to the exit-entry from Avenida Velazquez on the other, we are excellently reported just:

4 minutes from Malaga Airport.

10 minutes from Maria Zambrano train station.

15 minutes from the Port of Malaga, Historic Centre or Muelle Uno.

We begin our journey again with the consequent loss of customers and business volume due to the transfer, but we are gradually recovering to which customers are more than friends.

As a note, it suffices to say that their children knew when they were still babies, and today we give them the car of your parents or grandparents when they come for a holiday. This is a source of happiness for us all and we are proud to be able to say:

“After so many years, so many people can not be wrong”.

Fran, Manager of Europarking.es

There is a beautiful story behind europarking

Goes one years, we began to recover and make new customers thanks to new technologies.

In 2009 we create and develop our first website with the domain www.europarking.es and implement a new system of online reservations) for the convenience of our customers and better work organization.

2010 begins the takeoff, after two years of hard work and continued growth, despite the crisis in 2009 decided to make the leap and become a limited company. We expanded our facilities with the purchase of adjacent land for more space, the facilities adapted to the latest standards with the highest standards of quality, recent anti-fire systems, surveillance and better communications course with access to 2 different streets on the one hand and by Avenue Villa Rosa Road Guadalmar other.

The years 2011 and 2012 are transitional, designed the new project, doubts arise and solutions are proposed, the end result is what today is a reality whose constructive evolution.

New proyect

The year 2013 was disastrous in every way, we suffered a blow from which even today we have not recovered, leaving a void that can fill or time; the death of our father, company founder occurs.

Today are his teachings, his fighting spirit, good work, friendship with many of our customers, ultimately the memory of a good father and person.

Because of his illness and subsequent death froze the project but continue to work as he commanded us

“Do not let our clients fail whatever happens …”

D. Fco. Gómez, direction of Europarking

Time passes and we are in the year 2014 certainly not eager to start anything but it was the wish of our father so we decided to start the new project, which after 7 months was a reality from which we can enjoy today, yet we do not have the second inning that will become the main entrance to which access will be from the main avenue. We are working toward this avenue is also a reality.

I can not say goodbye without commenting about issues that affect everyone in the sector from customers, users of parking via taxi, airport, city hall etc. Currently, competition is unfair. Overcrowding prevail seeks free service. This mass can only be achieved illegally. Occupying public spaces or classified as agricultural land, all with the approval of certain powers that refuse to do anything.

The problem is that a customer gets fooled us all in the same boat, many Internet-parkings are just that websites with nothing behind, with tiny facilities without qualified personnel, licenses and liability insurance, ultimately nothing . They are looking for a quick profit through online advertising without the slightest consideration for the client or their belongings in case your vehicle. Cars parked in public places or in open fields without the slightest legal license or liability insurance, much less any kind of fire protection systems.

To round off this short biography of a business that has been and is our life, we do our the warrant of our father, 

current installations

“We cannot fail our customers whatever happens…”

Fran, Manager of Europarking.es